Denali Water Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce that it has acquired the assets of Tribeca Transport, LLC, a company that manages organic waste in Washington and Oregon. The purchase closed on April 14, 2022.

Based in Woodland, Washington, Tribeca handles transportation and land application services for biosolids generated by industrial food processors and municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Its operations stretch from Seattle, Washington to Eugene, Oregon along the Interstate 5 corridor. Tribeca holds permits for more than 160,000 acres for land application, a process that recycles waste and provides agricultural producers with a valuable soil amendment. It also works with food processors to generate electricity with digested waste.

“We are all about sustainability and returning residuals back to the earth. That matches up perfectly with Denali’s philosophy,” said Eric Thwaites, who prior to the closing was co-owner of Tribeca and its chief operation officer. Thwaites will continue to oversee Tribeca’s operations as its General Manager.

With Tribeca’s resources integrated with Denali’s, Thwaites said he sees “huge opportunity” for Denali to add more customers, add more acreage for land application, and serve more parts of the region. Growth will build upon the excellent relationships Tribeca has with customers and regulators, Thwaites said.

With the acquisition of Tribeca, Denali adds land application of organic waste to its existing Pacific Northwest operations. The integration of Tribeca builds upon Denali’s 2021 acquisition of Swanson Bark & Wood Products, Inc., a producer and retailer of bagged and wholesale mulch and soil products based in Longview, Washington. Swanson and Tribeca are located just a few miles apart, and Denali will take advantage of transportation synergies with the two sites.

Denali CEO Andy McNeill said, “Tribeca aligns with our strategy to expand and integrate organic waste management in the Pacific Northwest. Our national expertise in biosolids and land application will allow the business developed by Tribeca to continue to flourish. In addition, the synergies with our current operations mean Denali will serve more customers, have a greater footprint in the Western U.S., and add more value to the material we process.”

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