Sustainable Education

Denali recognizes the importance of sustainable waste management in educational institutions.

We provide comprehensive services that help schools and universities divert food waste, create customized programs and solutions, and transform waste materials into valuable resources such as animal feed and compost. Our goal is to deliver solutions that save time, reduce costs, and promote environmental stewardship. Let us partner with you to develop a tailored organic management program that meets the unique needs of your campus.

Food Waste Diversion

Denali specializes in helping schools and universities divert their unused food, ensuring it does not end up in landfills. Our expert team works closely with your campus to develop and implement effective diversion strategies.

Customized Programs and Solutions

Denali understands that each educational institution has unique waste management requirements. Our team collaborates with you to create customized programs and solutions that address your specific needs and goals. Whether you need assistance with waste audits, bin placement, staff training, or ongoing monitoring and support, we tailor our services to align with your campus’s objectives. By working together, we ensure that your waste management program is efficient, effective, and sustainable.

Animal Feed and Composting

Denali goes beyond waste diversion by transforming unused food into valuable resources. We repurpose suitable organic material as animal feed, partnering with reputable agricultural organizations to ensure compliance with safety and regulatory standards. This practice not only diverts food waste but also reduces the demand for traditional animal feed sources, promoting a more sustainable food system.

Additionally, Denali utilizes organic material to produce high-quality compost through advanced composting methods. The compost, rich in nutrients and organic matter, can be utilized on-campus for landscaping, gardening, and enhancing the overall beauty of the campus. By closing the loop and utilizing compost produced from organic material, educational institutions can reduce their reliance on synthetic fertilizers, support sustainable agriculture, and promote a greener campus environment.

Time and Cost Savings

Denali is committed to offering solutions that save schools and universities both time and money. By outsourcing waste management to our team of experts, you can redirect your resources and focus on your core educational mission.

Our efficient collection systems, streamlined processes, and innovative solutions optimize waste management practices, reducing costs associated with landfill disposal, transportation, and compliance. Partnering with Denali allows your institution to achieve sustainable waste management goals while maximizing operational efficiency.


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