Our Story

Denali is an innovative waste disposal and recycling company that is committed to repurposing waste to create value and make our economy more circular.

We have been at the forefront of diverting and converting organic waste streams for more than 25 years and have grown from a single rural Arkansas location to become a near-total solution provider for recurring organic waste streams across the U.S. Our leadership team is made up of some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, and we have an impeccable safety and environmental track record.

We are proud to be a leader in the waste recycling industry, and we are committed to the founding purpose that guides us: to replenish the earth by repurposing waste.

We understand the importance of reducing our environmental footprint, and we take care to ensure that our processes are as efficient and sustainable as possible. We are constantly innovating and exploring new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials.


Impressive growth through acquisitions coupled with a focus on strategic initiatives have led to our strong momentum.


Denali Water Solutions Founded

Andy McNeill founds Denali Water Solutions from a spin out from Terra Renewal


Denali Grows Via Major Acquisitions

Denali acquires WeCare Organics then adds two more acquisitions in 2017.


Denali Buys Back Terra Renewal

...a subsidiary of Darling, and completes five more add-on acquisitions.


Denali Continues Integration Efforts

Completes acquisition of Harvest New England and Mid-Atlantic


Denali Water Solutions Acquired by TPG Growth

Denali completes add-on acquisitions


January 2021 Denali Acquires Madden Brothers

Denali Water Solutions, LLC, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, WeCare Denali, LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Madden Brothers, Inc. compost, mulch, and soil operations


March 2021 Denali Acquires Organix Recycling

Organix provides end-to-end food waste management solutions and matches food waste with sustainable back-end recycling alternatives, such as nutritional livestock feed, nutrient-rich compost, and green energy products like biogas


October 2021 Denali Acquires Swanson Bark

Swanson Bark & Wood operates multiple sites in the Pacific Northwest where they process organic waste to produce high-value mulch and soil products for national lawn & garden companies, retailers, and landscapers


May 2022 Denali Acquires Imperial Western Products

Denali Water Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce that it has acquired Imperial Western Products, Inc., a California-based company that collects organic wastes and converts them into environmentally sustainable products

Our Team

Our team consists of professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience in the waste management industry.

We specialize in residual management, composting, land application, transportation, animal feed, biodiesel production environmental permitting, dredging, dewatering, Class A processing, lime stabilization, drying, and along with many other services.

We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions and thought leadership on sustainability, product conversion, and economic solutions for our customers.

Executive Team

Andy McNeill

Chairman of the Board

Todd Mathes

Chief Executive Officer

Don Budhu

Chief Financial Officer

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