The Problem

Running your restaurant or food manufacturing business is challenging, but we're here to simplify it for you through automated routing for used cooking oil collection

The Solution

Our automated routing system conveniently schedules and routes pick-ups of used cooking oil on a regular basis, reducing environmental harm and ensuring timely and efficient collections.

How Our Cooking Oil Pick-Up Service Operates

Our goal is to streamline the collection of used cooking oil, making it as effortless and non-intrusive as possible.

  • Custom Container Solutions: We provide a grease container that suits your specific requirements.
  • Automated Scheduling: Collections are automatically scheduled based on the capacity of your tank and the amount of used cooking oil you produce.
  • Around-the-Clock Collection: Our operations run 24/7 to ensure that oil collection does not disrupt your business activities.
  • No-Contact Oil Extraction: Depending on container location, our team can utilize techniques that will allow them to remove used oil without the need to enter your premises, ensuring no disruption to your staff.
  • Local Recycling: The collected oil is processed at one of our many biosecure facilities, supporting local economies.
  • Eco-Friendly Repurposing: A large portion of the collected oil is transformed into environmentally friendly biofuels, promoting sustainable energy.

Customized Container Solutions

Professional Maintenance for Optimal Condition

We provide customized containers of different sizes and types, along with regular maintenance and cleaning, to keep the collection process seamless and efficient. We also install theft prevention measures to deter theft.

The Importance of Biodiesel Production

Reducing Pollution and Promoting Renewable Energy

Rather than sending it to a landfill, we convert your used cooking oil into environmentally friendly biodiesel, which reduces pollution, promotes renewable energy use, and decreases waste.

Denali - Leading Biodiesel Producer

Clean-Burning Biodiesel for Vehicle Performance

BQ9000 Certified – Ensuring Quality and Customer Satisfaction We are committed to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, offering a clean-burning alternative to petroleum diesel.

Choose eco-friendly solutions today

Join us in preserving the environment. Contact us now to benefit from our eco-friendly used cooking oil collection services and high-quality biodiesel products for a cleaner, greener future.