The Problem

Organic waste management poses challenges. Approximately 40% of biosolids in the U.S. are sent to landfills.

The Solution

Denali offers top-tier biosolids management solutions, converting organic materials into fertilizers, renewable energy, and high-quality soil, benefiting farmers and the environment.

Sustainable Farming Solutions

Converting Organic Wastes into Fertilizers

Our land application of biosolids on tens of thousands of acres helps farmers increase crop production on their fields without the use of chemical fertilizers, enabling significant cost savings.

Anaerobic Digestion for Renewable Energy

Averting Fossil Fuel Consumption and Enriching Farmlands

We partner with anaerobic digestion facilities to convert residuals into renewable electricity and high-quality fertilizer, promoting sustainable practices and nutrient restoration.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Denali was servicing this plant before I got here in March of 2019. Previous operator had nothing but good things to say about Denali’s service, always dependable, always on time. Drivers always helpful and courteous. It makes our job here in wastewater better knowing we can count on Denali being here every week. Denali helps keep our business running smoothly and we appreciate that!

Robby Jowers

Wastewater Operator Cargill

Advanced Biosolids Management Solutions

Innovative Techniques for Efficiency

Our advanced technology and techniques ensure efficient and reliable biosolids management, encompassing fertilizers, drying, and beneficial use applications.

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Contact us today to explore how our premier biosolids management solutions can lessen the stress on your local landfill and can empower your farming or anaerobic digestion facility with sustainability and cost-effective inputs. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in achieving your objectives.