The Problem

Managing organic byproducts and finding cost-effective, environmentally friendly outlets for residuals, such as DAF skimmings, poses challenges for both farmers and processing plants.

The Solution

We specialize in repurposing DAF skimmings, transforming them into nutrient-rich soil amendments. This benefits agricultural operations and reduces reliance on chemical fertilizers.

Customized Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture

Beneficial Re-use Solutions for Farmers and Processing Plants

Our mission is to provide customized beneficial re-use solutions, converting food processing byproducts into valuable soil amendments to support sustainable agriculture.

Repurposing Residuals for Optimal Nutrient-Rich Amendments

High-Quality Soil Amendments from DAF Skimmings

Our expertise lies in repurposing residuals from dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems, creating high-quality soil amendments rich in essential elements for farmers.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Denali provides exceptional service to Mountaire.  There has never been a time where I have been concerned that our solids would not be handled, transported or disposed of in the correct manner and with great care.  Denali customer service and communication is the key to our successful working relationship.

Tanya Rogers-Vickers

Director of Environmental Compliance

Environmentally Responsible Management

Supporting Sustainability Goals

Denali provides a full suite of DAF skimming services, including collection, transportation, and sludge dewatering, all managed with an environmentally responsible approach to support sustainability goals for producers and farmers alike.

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