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Learn how we can assist you in returning vegetation to a former mine site.

The Problem

Mining activities often leave behind degraded lands, affecting the environment and habitats for wildlife.

The Solution

For over 20 years, we have successfully partnered with landowners, using biosolids and reseeding to reclaim and revegetate mining-impacted areas, creating verdant grasslands and vital wildlife habitats.

Successful Reclamation and Revegetation

Reclaiming Over 3,000 Acres. Half Returned to Public for Hunting and Recreation.

Our record of success includes reclaiming and revegetating more than 3,000 acres, with half now accessible to the public for hunting and recreation, indicating a promising return to native forests.

Cost-Effective Restoration

Restoring Topsoil and Nutrients at a Fraction of Conventional Costs

We offer a cost-effective solution for restoring topsoil and nutrients, delivering rapid results often at a fraction of conventional fertilizer costs.

Mine Reclamation

Watch the results of our work in Copperhill, TN

Denali has a long history of successful collaboration with state and federal environmental agencies, including working with the U.S. EPA on Superfund sites and with the U.S. Department of Interior, the Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation, and the Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Program.

Comprehensive Approach

Tailored Reclamation for Optimal Results

Denali’s comprehensive approach involves site analysis, tailored biosolid applications, and successful collaborations with state and federal environmental agencies, ensuring the best possible outcomes for land reclamation and habitat restoration.

Partner with Denali for sustainable land reclamation

Join us in preserving and restoring our natural resources. Connect with us today to learn more about our land reclamation and revegetation services, promoting sustainable habitats and environmental preservation.