Revolutionizing Agriculture with Sustainable Solutions

We are dedicated to transforming the agricultural industry through innovative and sustainable practices. Our mission is to support farmers in reducing their operational costs while promoting environmentally friendly solutions to produce animal feed, organic fertilizers, and field applications.

Animal Feed Revolution

Our Animal Feed program is designed to provide farmers with a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional animal feed production. We understand that high-quality feed is essential for livestock health and productivity, but conventional methods can be expensive and have adverse environmental impacts.

Through our cutting-edge technology, Denali takes food processing waste and converts it into premium animal feed. This not only helps in food waste reduction but also ensures that farmers receive nutrient-rich feed for their livestock, resulting in healthier and more productive animals.

Organic Fertilizers for Enhanced Crop Yield

Traditional chemical fertilizers can be harmful to the environment and may deplete soil fertility over time. Denali’s Organic Fertilizer program addresses this concern by providing farmers with sustainable and nutrient-rich fertilizers.

By using municipal wastewater and biosolids, Denali creates organic fertilizers that enrich the soil with essential nutrients, including nitrogen. This enhanced nutrient content leads to improved crop yields and healthier plants, all while supporting the soil’s long-term health and fertility.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Farmers

Denali believes that sustainable agriculture should not come at a higher cost. That’s why our focus on recycling food processing byproducts and municipal biosolids enables us to offer farmers cost-effective solutions. By reducing the reliance on expensive inputs like traditional animal feed and chemical fertilizers, farmers can significantly cut down their operational expenses while maintaining or even enhancing their crop yields.

Harnessing Biosolids for Multiple Crops

Denali’s field applications using biosolids have proved to be a game-changer for farmers. By incorporating biosolids into their agricultural practices, farmers can improve the nitrogen content in their fields. As a result, they experience enhanced growth and yield in various crops, including:


Farmers have observed denser and more nutritious hay yields, which translates to healthier and happier livestock.

Corn for Animal Feed

The use of biosolids in corn fields significantly increases its nutritional value, resulting in better animal feed quality.

Corn for Energy Production

With healthier corn crops, farmers can meet the growing demand for renewable energy sources, like biofuels, contributing to sustainable energy solutions

Native Plants for Land Reclamation

Denali's approach also aids in land reclamation efforts by using biosolids to enhance the growth of native plants, restoring natural habitats and promoting biodiversity.

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If you are interested in learning more about Denali’s work, our team would be delighted to provide you with the information you need. Whatever questions you have, we are here to answer them and we have additional resources available if desired. We are excited to hear from you!