The Problem

Millions of tons of food and beverages are discarded in landfills each year because they are mixed with packaging or garbage.

The Solution

Denali is introducing across multiple cities depacking technologies that can remove packaging from most foods whether they are fresh, frozen or in liquid form.

Denali's depacking technologies bring a revolutionary solution to food waste and packaging challenges.

This service significantly reduces the need for compactor usage. It enhances sustainability by increasing organic material pickup from distribution centers and addressing packaged beverages. Additionally, it can efficiently separate non-organics like cups and utensils, reducing their impact on post-consumer waste streams.

Food Waste
Depackaging Process

  1. Collection: Food waste is collected from various industrial and commercial sources and transported to a treatment facility.
  2. Initial Handling: The collected food waste is delivered to a designated area within the facility, often by truck or front-end loader.
  3. Mechanical Separation: The food waste is fed into a depackaging system where mechanical methods, such as shredding or crushing, separate the organic food material from its packaging. Water may be added to aid in the separation process.
  4. Biomass Extraction: The depackaged food waste, now a semi-liquid biomass, is screened and collected, while the non-biodegradable packaging is removed and disposed of appropriately.
  5. Processing: The extracted biomass is pumped into anaerobic digesters or composting systems. This process can produce biogas and biosolids, which can be used for energy production and soil enhancement, respectively.


  • Up to 200% increase in donations (Less time removing depacking foods)
  • Anywhere from 20-70% increase in food diversion
  • Labor efficiency 2-4 hrs/per day per location
  • Decrease in Compactor usage
  • Increase in Organic material pickup from DCs
  • Address packaged soda, fruit drinks and alcohol, and Separate non-organics (Cups, utensils) and post consumer waste

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