Denali Water Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce that it has acquired Imperial Western Products, Inc., a California-based company that collects organic wastes and converts them into environmentally sustainable products. The acquisition closed April 29, 2022.

Headquartered in Coachella, California, Imperial Western Products (IWP) operates across the Southwestern U.S. The company has main locations in California, Arizona, and Texas. The Trawick family began IWP in 1966 and has passed ownership through the family for three generations. IWP, now operating under the Denali umbrella, will become the centerpiece of Denali’s West Coast operations.

IWP processes a diverse mix of wastes and byproducts. Among its many operations, IWP refines cooking oil and grease into high-quality biofuels, processes pre-consumer food waste from bakeries into animal feed, and collects pre-consumer food waste from California grocery stores. Altogether, IWP diverts hundreds of thousands of tons of organic waste from landfills each year.

Denali CEO Andy McNeill said he is pleased to welcome IWP to the Denali family and to start on a journey of growth with IWP’s operations and employees.

“IWP brings Denali a larger and more diverse presence in the Western U.S.,” McNeill said. “As governments, consumers, and industries push for more sustainability and less waste in landfills, IWP is well-positioned as a leader in this key market. The integration of IWP into Denali complements and expands the comprehensive environmental service capabilities we offer to customers.”

McNeill said he sees IWP’s creative, entrepreneurial employees as one of its greatest assets. The company’s culture aligns well with Denali’s family-oriented approach. The combination of IWP and Denali strengthens both organizations and creates greater opportunity for employees of both companies and their customers.

“Our people have been the foundation of success for Imperial Western for decades. We have a tremendously talented team with a broad set of capabilities, and we look forward to working together with our new colleagues at Denali to expand our collective service offering and footprint,” said Jared Trawick, who co-owned IWP with Trent Trawick prior to its sale to Denali.  Both Jared and Trent will continue in new roles at Denali and will assist the integration process and the expansion of strategic growth opportunities.

“Denali and Imperial Western are at the forefront of their respective sectors and together are poised for an exciting and bright future,” Jared Trawick said.



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About Imperial Western Products

Headquartered in Coachella, California, Imperial Western Products (IWP) is a company with enterprises centered around the conversion of a diverse mix of wastes into saleable products. IWP aims to set the industry standard for proactive environmental protection and conservation, and the company is always looking for new ways to recycle waste into new and useful products. Learn more at