WeCare Mulch™

When it comes to mulch manufacturing, our experience speaks for itself. WeCare has been manufacturing mulch in various regions across the United States for years.  We are committed to producing only the most sustainable and high-quality mulch products available in today’s market.

Top Quality & Consistency

WeCare Mulch™ products are produced of the highest quality raw ingredients to ensure we are manufacturing an end-product that provides long lasting value for our customers.

WeCare Mulch™ has a long list of benefits, including:

  • Water Retention & Reduced Erosion
  • Soil insulation for temperature fluctuation
  • Soil Insulation for Temperature Fluctuation
  • Encourages Beneficial Soil Organisms
  • Can Help Prevent Some Plant Diseases
  • Suppression of Weed Growth

In additional to general mulch products, we produce specialty blended mulch products.
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