The Problem

Maintaining functional grease traps is crucial for the smooth and safe operation of restaurants and food service companies.

The Solution

We offer comprehensive grease trap services, including liquid removal, wall scraping, inspections, and repairs – ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

Sustainable Grease Recycling

Minimizing Landfill Waste for Environmental Benefit

Our advanced technologies ensure proper recycling of grease, contributing to reduced landfill waste and a greener environment.

Proactive Grease Trap Care

Preventing Clogs and Overflows

Regular inspections by our expert technicians prevent potential issues, ensuring uninterrupted grease trap functionality.

Hydro Jetting Services

The food service industry often faces the issue of accumulated used cooking oils and greases in their busy kitchens. We offer two types of jetting services: mainline jetting, which covers the line from the kitchen to the grease trap, and kitchen line jetting, which covers all other plumbing lines within the kitchen.

Reliable, Efficient and Environmentally Responsible

Your Partner for Smooth and Safe Operations

We are dedicated to providing reliable and effective grease trap services, prioritizing proper recycling and preventing disruptions while promoting environmental responsibility.

Get in touch with an Expert

Don’t let other companies just skim your trap. Denali will fully clean your grease trap top to bottom. Contact Us Now! Schedule your grease trap maintenance with us today and experience reliable, eco-friendly services for your restaurant or food service company.