Denali Water Solutions, LLC, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, WeCare Denali, LLC, is pleased to announce the acquisition of New Earth, Inc. with operations in San Antonio and Houston, Texas. WeCare Denali, LLC is focused on producing high-end compost, mulch, and soil products from recycled organic waste. WeCare Denali’s services and products are known for quality, consistency, and value throughout the landscaping, construction, and agricultural industries. 

New Earth was established in 1997 in San Antonio, Texas. It started with a need to provide waste solutions to local waste producers. At the same time, New Earth provided quality soil, mulch, compost, and more from that organic waste. For more than 20 years, New Earth has leveraged technology and experience to create value for its extensive customer base.

“The acquisition of New Earth supports Denali’s strategy to grow our organic waste management business through composting and other beneficial use technologies,” stated Jeff LeBlanc, President of Denali Water Solutions. “Our strategy is achieved by adding the high-quality employees and operations at New Earth to the Denali team, which aligns with our company purpose and values. Our purpose is to make the world a better place by handling waste responsibly. We value a safe and thoughtful working environment for our employees, environmental sustainability, and the importance to have a little fun with each other along the way. It is an exciting time here at Denali.”

Brian Fleury, General Manager of WeCare Denali, noted, “We are very excited to add the New Earth team members, three facilities, and their full line of high-end products into the WeCare Denali team. Their proven track record of recycling multiple organic residual feedstocks into high-value end products, including U.S. Composting Council STA Certified Compost™, is a natural fit for WeCare Denali, our WeCare Compost™, and our line of mulches and soils that we are increasingly known for across the country.” 

John Niedeken, Chief Operating Officer for New Earth, said, “Joining the WeCare Denali team is a logical fit, and we see multiple beneficial synergies for the customers and our companies. We share a similar vision in how we approach our people, customers, markets and look to continue bringing value to each of those groups we serve. Being part of such a diverse and growing company allows New Earth to make an even bigger impact for our customers. Our team is excited to move into the future with WeCare Denali.”

About Denali Water Solutions

Denali Water Solutions is a specialty waste and environmental services company that believes in the collective responsibility of us all to protect the quality of water and natural resources through recycling waste in sustainable ways, can be beneficially reused, and reduce or eliminate the use of landfills. Our vision is to meet this responsibility by offering innovative and economically effective solutions for the management, handling, disposal, and conversion of various organic waste materials through beneficial reuse, composting, and anaerobic digestion for the customers and communities we serve.

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