Denali Water Solutions, LLC, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, WeCare Denali, LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Madden Brothers, Inc. compost, mulch, and soil operations in Brunswick, Ohio. WeCare Denali, LLC is the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary focused on producing high-end compost, mulch, and soil products from recycled waste. WeCare Denali’s services and products are known for quality, consistency, and value throughout the landscaping, construction, and agricultural industries. 


“Our purpose is to make the world a better place by handling waste responsibly. Joining forces with a team as respected as Madden Brothers aligns with our values and goals to expand our high-quality products and service offerings to our valued customers across the United States,” said Jeffrey J. LeBlanc, President of Denali Water Solutions. We are excited to have Brian Madden and the entire Madden Brothers team join WeCare Denali, LLC as we continue our growth strategy throughout North America.


When discussing the acquisition, Brian Madden of Madden Brothers stated, “As WeCare Denali, LLC leads the movement in developing and delivering next-generation environmentally conscious waste management solutions, we couldn’t be more excited. We welcome the opportunity to help support the company’s growing ecosystem of resource sustainability across the nation.”


The Ohio-based facilities produce high-quality landscaping products (compost, mulch, topsoil, and custom blends) from recycled organic materials (leaves, wood, brush, and food waste). The acquisition reinforces WeCare Denali, LLC’s expertise in operating and managing compost facilities in the United States and strengthens its leadership position with its WeCare Compost® brands.


About Denali Water Solutions

Denali Water Solutions is a specialty waste and environmental services company that believes it is the collective responsibility of us all to protect the quality of water and natural resources through recycling waste in sustainable ways, can be beneficially reused, and reduce or eliminate the use of landfills. Our vision is to meet this responsibility by offering innovative and economically effective solutions for the management, handling, disposal, and conversion of a variety of organic waste materials through beneficial reuse, composting, and anaerobic digestion for the customers and communities we serve.


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