Russellville, Arkansas – Jeffrey LeBlanc, Chief Growth Officer of Denali Water Solutions LLC, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Swanson Bark & Wood through its wholly-owned subsidiary, WeCare Denali, LLC.

Swanson Bark & Wood operates multiple sites in the Pacific Northwest where they process organic waste to produce high-value mulch and soil products for national lawn & garden companies, retailers, and landscapers. Swanson was founded in 1928 and, since 2018, has undergone a rapid modernization to expand its bagged and bulk sales and capabilities while increasing its overall productivity.

Jeffrey LeBlanc said, “We are thrilled with the acquisition of Swanson Bark & Wood, it is a great fit within the WeCare Denali brand as it expands our geographical footprint, provides additional products and services to new and existing customers, and it fits into our overall growth strategy. We are excited to add all 150 employees to the Denali team and look forward to continuing to champion winning solutions and drive performance by constantly developing people, products, and processes.”

Steve Liffers, Co-President of Swanson, said, “both Jeff Jackson, Co-President of Swanson, and I, along with our entire team, are excited to become members of the Denali family. The Swanson commitment to recycling and environmental sustainability fits in perfectly with Denali’s purpose to manage waste responsibly by converting organic waste into valuable end-products.”

The Swanson facilities produce high-quality mulch, compost, and soil products from recycled organic materials and distribute them throughout the Western United States. Swanson’s locations in the Pacific Northwest are in Everett, Washington, and Longview, Washington. This acquisition reinforces WeCare Denali’s desire to expand its reach with bagged and bulk products throughout the Western United States.


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