Denali and Natural Fertilizers

Denali works with waste producers across the country who care deeply about our environment and want to see a better use for the waste they produce. Denali has been distributing and applying food processing residuals as soil amendments under various regulatory structures throughout the country for more than 20 years, with an excellent environmental and community history. We have long-lasting relationships with farmers that welcome us back, year after year, because of the agronomic and economic benefits of participating in the program.

Denali distributes residuals to farmers as a substitute for all or part of their typical soil amending regime. Not only are they comparable to conventional soil amending alternatives, but they are also typically the least expensive option for farmers. Other options include commercial (chemical) fertilizers and animal manure.

The farmer receives an effective, low-cost soil amendment product that reduces their dependence on commercial fertilizers while enabling them to participate in activities that keep their marketplace viable. As a society, we benefit from less air pollution from factories producing chemical fertilizers, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint and decreasing the need for treatment facilities that discharge directly to streams and rivers, thereby reducing the potential for point source pollution. As consumers, we benefit from lower prices for the food we eat, because recycling these products helps reduce the overall cost of production.