Your Partner in Agriculture Success

Denali is an innovative, nation-wide recycler of organic materials. Our mission is to replenish the earth by repurposing materials that would otherwise go to disposal.

In Maryland, we work with some of the largest food manufacturers in the nation to deliver valuable and beneficial nutrients to farmland. We partner with dozens of farmers across thousands of acres to provide organic fertilizers that reduce the need for synthetic chemicals. This empowers agricultural producers to improve soil health and invest in their communities.

Denali has applied organic fertilizers on farmland in Maryland and across the United States for more than 20 years. The work we do is crucial to Maryland’s agricultural economy. In all, the Maryland facilities and farms with which we work support thousands of jobs.

Building Soils

Denali helps food manufacturers return valuable nutrients to farmland and empowers farmers to build their soils naturally.

Our fertilizers are rich in organic matter and plant-available nutrients, increasing the amount of carbon stored in soils and making fields less dependent on synthetic inputs and more resilient to droughts.

Innovative Operations

Our activities in Maryland save precious resources and convert them to valuable uses, such as fertilizer, renewable fuels, and animal feed. Across Denali’s operations, we work at every step to minimize odor.

Denali carefully tests food processing residuals so that we match our fertilizers to crop needs

Test results from third-party, certified labs are submitted to the Maryland Department of Agriculture. We operate in strict compliance with Maryland laws and are accountable to the state agencies protecting Maryland’s water and air quality.


If you have any questions about Denali’s operations in Maryland, please contact:

If you have any questions about Denali’s operations in Maryland, please contact: