Denali Water Solutions is excited to exhibit at the Water Environment Federation (WEF) 92nd Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, WEFTEC 2019!

Stop by our booth #6952 to meet our team and learn more about our recent projects in water and wastewater residuals, food processing residuals, dewatering, lagoon and digester cleaning, and landfill diversion.

Denali’s team member, Bill Brower, P.E., is the co-chair and a presenter for a workshop on Saturday, September 21: W07 Greenhouse Gas Accounting for Wastewater Utilities. Mr. Brower’s session is titled “Overview of GHG Sources/Emissions and Sinks/Offsets.”

Participants in the GHG Accounting workshop will learn how to calculate GHG emissions and offsets for their water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) and gain insight into the best ways to optimize their WRRFs to reduce their carbon footprint. The workshop will be split into two main sections: the morning sessions, in which participants will learn about the latest policies and research relevant to GHG accounting, and the afternoon sessions, in which participants will engage in hands-on GHG accounting exercises.

Bill Brower, P.E., is also the co-author on a technical session, “New GHG Methodology for Estimation of Methane Emissions From Digested-Biosolids Storage and Dewatering.”

If you would like to schedule a meeting with the Denali team, please contact Teresa Gallegos at or call (479) 498-0500.