RUSSELLVILLE, Arkansas, November 1, 2017: Nebo Services is a full-service wastewater residuals company specializing in the cost-effective mixing, removal, transportation and environmentally-friendly disposal of residuals generated during the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. With land permitted all over the Midwest, south and southeast, Nebo offered lagoon cleanouts, wastewater hauling, digester cleaning, dredging, land-application and environmental consulting services.


Founded in 2010 and lead by partners Steven “Bo” Smith and Jeff Henry, Nebo represents a very strategic fit tuck-in acquisition for Denali’s current operation. Customers reside in central and northwest Arkansas as well as Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and the Carolinas.


Jeff Henry began his professional career in wastewater residuals management services in 1998 with Terra Renewal Services where he served as the General Manager of Event Services. In 2010, Jeff became a founding partner in Nebo Services, continuing his work in wastewater residuals management and lagoon cleanout services.


Bo Smith has over 30 years of experience in the management of water and wastewater residuals for beneficial reuse, as a regulatory permitting and enforcement manager with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, an environmental engineer, a lawyer and as an entrepreneur as the founder of Terra Renewal Services. After earning his law degree, Bo joined Jeff Henry at Nebo Services


Denali has purchased the entirety of Nebo Services, have retained all the employees and plans to continue executing on the growth vision established by both Jeff Henry and Bo Smith.



About Denali Water Solutions, LLC: Denali is a leading environmental services business focused on wastewater residuals management for municipal and industrial wastewater and water treatment facilities.  Denali provides recurring collection, hauling, disposal, dewatering, land-application and processing of residuals for their customers pursuant to long-term agreements.  Currently, Denali operates in approximately 20 states, with a major presence in California, New York and Texas.