Services will keep millions of pounds of non-edible food out of landfills

Russellville, Ark., October 17, 2023 – Denali, the nation’s leading full-service recycler of organics, announced today that it has renewed its agreement with Walmart to provide food waste recycling at its 4,700 stores in the U.S. Through this partnership, Denali and Walmart will annually divert millions of pounds of food that is no longer edible away from landfills and toward beneficial uses such as creating compost, feeding animals, and generating renewable energy. With new innovations in recycling technology, Denali predicts the amount of waste avoided will grow immensely over the next five years. Additionally, the two companies will continue to explore new strategies and tools to reduce food waste and maximize the positive impacts of recycling.

“Walmart is a leader and innovator in making retail more sustainable. Denali is proud to provide services that bring Walmart closer to its goal of zero waste in its U.S. operations by 2025,” said Denali CEO Todd Mathes.

Across its operations, Denali recycles more than 10 billion pounds of organic materials each year, a significant portion of which comes from grocery retailers, like Walmart. In doing so, Denali leverages its team of approximately 1,500 employees and fleet of more than 1,000 trucks to provide economical and environmentally responsible ways to put organic waste streams to use while avoiding disposal in landfills. The greenhouse gas mitigation impact of Denali’s recycling food waste, which is one of several waste streams Denali manages, is annually equivalent to taking approximately 100,000 cars off the road or providing electricity to more than 60,000 homes for one year.

Denali applies a range of solutions to recycling food waste from retailers. The company works with compost manufacturers, including its own network of 24 compost facilities, to turn food waste into valuable soil amendments. Denali partners with local farms to supply certain types of food waste as feed for animals. And Denali provides food waste to anaerobic digesters for the creation of renewable energy.

About Denali

Denali is a leading organics recycling company on a mission to replenish the Earth by repurposing waste. Our work is essential to keeping water clean, building soil fertility, making farmers more resilient, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing reliance on fossil fuels and on landfills. Our services and products touch thousands of acres, hundreds of locales, millions of tons of material, and nearly every person who purchases and consumes food in the U.S.



Samuel Liebl

Director of Communications, Denali