Denali and DAF Skimmings

Denali is a leading provider of beneficial re-use solutions in the United States, with a mission to convert waste materials into nutrients that help agricultural operations succeed. Our team specializes in repurposing residuals produced by dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems; this material is high in essential elements, making it an ideal soil amendment for farmers.

By recycling these skimming, farmers can reduce their reliance on costly chemical fertilizers, while producers of the skimming, such as meat and poultry processing plants, benefit from an economical outlet for this material. Denali’s team is well-equipped to create a custom solution that works for your organization.

We provide a full suite of DAF skimmings services, from collection and transportation to sludge dewatering. Denali has decades of experience in this area, and we understand the importance of managing these materials in an environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to helping producers achieve their sustainability goals, while also providing farmers with a reliable source of nutrients for their crops.