Used Cooking Oil Collections

Co-West provides a variety of solutions for kitchen grease removal. We understand that your commercial kitchen may produce tons of grease and oil that must be disposed of properly. We can help divert this waste from your kitchen to create useful products such as clean-burning biodiesel fuel.

Grease Collection

Our pump trucks are equipped with the tools necessary for clean and safe pick up of oils that will meet the standards of both the health department and our customers.

Grease Collection Tanks

Co-West Commodities provides an extensive variety of containers for used cooking oil removal. Our drivers are trained to service any type of container whether inside or outside the facility.

Below is a list of what we provide as a part of our Used Cooking Oil Collections:

Indoor Tanks

Our durable polyethylene indoor tank is ideal for low-volume customers. It decreases the risk of injury and workman’s compensation due to the minimal handling of hot cooking oils. Indoor tanks also reduce property damage that comes from theft and burglary. Capacity: 45 gal Dimensions: 20” W x 24” D x 30 ¾” H.

Outdoor Tanks

We offer steel tanks for outdoor use that are perfect for high-volume customers. These tanks have a leakproof construction that can be adapted to any weather. A locking lid helps to reduce the theft of grease and keeps trash or rain out. Capacity: 150 gallons Dimensions: 24” W x 36” D x 36” H

Custom Tanks

We have an experienced fabrication department on site that allows us to fabricate or customize any tank to fit the needs of our customers.

Tanker Loads

We have a wide range of pump trucks and tankers that allow us to pick up large quantities of products such as Tallow, Vegetable Oil, Cooking Oil, and any other Fats and Oils.

If you are interested in partnering with Co-West for our oil collection services, get in touch with our team today!

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