Denali and Animal Feed

Denali has a world-class team of people in this division with an unprecedented amount of combined experience in all aspects of waste food collection, logistics, feed manufacturing, commodity trading, and animal production. This team works under the guidelines of a highly sophisticated quality control program to ensure that the feed products that they handle, and products are the best offered in the industry. They are also supported by independent animal production consultants who are considered leaders in the industry.

Food Waste to Animal Feed

Denali procures waste food by-products from a large base of food manufacturing facilities, retail grocery store chains, and restaurants located across the United States. These food by-products are either delivered directly to livestock production facilities within the US or taken to one of our partner-owned or company-owned, food-to-feed processing facilities to be processed and blended with other commodities to be used or marketed as a high-quality feed supplement to local livestock production operations.

Between our facilities, including Imperial Western Products, and our partner-owned facilities, we are proud to have more than 100 years of combined experience in animal feed manufacturing.

Our food waste disposal and recycling items collected and repurposed into animal feed include but are not limited to:

  • Corn and Potato Chip Manufacturing Waste
  • Cookie Manufacturing Waste
  • Cracker Manufacturing Waste
  • Fruits and Vegetable Waste
  • Flour Processing Waste
  • Noodle and Pasta Manufacturing Waste
  • Chocolate Manufacturing Waste
  • Cheese Manufacturing Waste
  • All Kinds of Dairy Manufacturing Waste
  • Cereal Manufacturing Waste
  • Alcohol Manufacturing Waste
  • Outdated Raw Food Manufacturing Products