Who doesn’t love the jolliness and festivities of St. Patrick’s Day? Not everyone, for sure, but this holiday has certainly gotten a reputation for parties, drinks and fun decorations in the U.S. And just like most holidays, it can have a significant impact on the environment. Shamrock party favors, decorations and green beer enhance holiday festivities, but the waste adds up after the party ends.

You might be thinking: How can I reduce my environmental footprint and still celebrate the “luck o’ the Irish?”

For the Partiers:

  • Save and reuse St. Patty’s Day decorations and adornments from year-to-year rather than buying them as “single use, throw away” décor. Buy more durable decoration items that are designed for reuse.
  • Consider trading décor items with a friend-group. That way you get new decorations each year but are reusing to be more sustainable.
  • Carpool to celebratory locations… or consider walking or biking.
  • Buy what you will eat, whether that is a full Irish meal or candy.

Retailers & Businesses:

  • Work with suppliers to create more sustainable decorations and packaging – that could be recyclable, reusable/durable, or multi-use.
  • Adjust ordering to sell as much as possible – merchandise, decorations, food and drink.
  • Avoid changing the menu just for St. Patty’s Day or plan other meals that can be served with the same ingredients.
  • Recycle wasted food and drink. Avoid dyes or additives added to food/drink – such as green beer. If using dyes, verify they are environmentally friendly.

Did you know? In addition to food waste, Denali can recycle your green beer and other beverages as part of our comprehensive service offering for organic waste. Contact us to learn more.